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Vedic Thai Massage Certification - September 7th-8th, 2024

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Vedic Thai Bodywork Certification with Mukti' Michael Buck
2 Day Training

8am - 4pm

2024 Dates
September 7-8

Vedic Thai Bodywork is an excellent addition to any Yoga Teacher's or Holistic Practitioner's skillet, bringing additional relaxation to your student's or client's experience while also increasing your revenue.

You Will Learn:
* How to apply the 2-hour Sequence of Thai-Yoga Bodywork Techniques thru watching demonstrations, taking notes in your manual, and then practicing giving and receiving with various partners in the class.
* How to apply the 2-hour sequence of Thai-Yoga Bodywork asanas and techniques, including transitions.
* How to use breath, meditation, mantra, bandhas, and Yogic techniques to enhance the quality of the session.
* How to comprehend the theories of releasing the energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

At the end, you will receive 20 CEUS by NCBTMB :: http://www.ncbtmb.org/
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and T.H.A.I.


Here's an introduction on Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork from the master himself, 'Mukti' Michael Buck


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Price includes digital course manual copy paper 

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Here is one of Mukti's many techniques, called "Walking on Hamstrings"


Testimonials from Around the World

"There is an elegance in his teaching; a kindness deeply rooted in the honor of this sacred healing art-form. He encourages both holding true to the ancient tradition and exploring creativity. For well over a decade, Mukti has shared these teachings at Gray Bear. I’ve been a part of, and witnessed, this journey first hand. The laughter, the tears, the professionalism, the integrity, the refined skill-sets learned by all attending and especially the life-affirming transformations which occur in his students; these are the true witnesses singing the praises of his gift for teaching. He shares from his heart. You will be pleased."

- Adam Schumaker, Co-Founder, Co-Director of Gray Bear Lodge Retreat Center


"Mukti's charming and humorous teaching style enwraps a dazzlingly deep wellspring of knowledge of eastern wisdom traditions and bodywork. A master of ceremony he presents this work as sacred, playful, artistry. Mukti's Vedic Thai coursework encompasses traditional thai techniques and their Vedic and Chinese corollaries, while simultaneously allowing for and encouraging improvisation and subtle exploration. In my practice I've found his teachings informing and inspiring, a gentle hand and voice in my mind guiding the transformative experience that can be the performance of thai massage. I am grateful for his tutelage, the community of bodyworkers that he has gathered, and his continued nurturing of the garden of healing that is Vedic Thai."

-Lucas Hoffman, LMT, YYT. Senior Thai-Therapist at Gray Bear


''We are so grateful for the teachings that Mukti offers our yoga teacher trainees. He teaches us how to individualize hands on assists so that each recipient is respectfully assisted according to their needs. His insights and meditations make for a well rounded training steeped in the richness of Vedic wisdom. His demeanor and joy of teaching create an environment of easy learning. He is always welcome at Heart Stream Yoga!''

-Donna Lanni Owner Director of Heart Stream Yoga


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About Mukti

Mukti Michael Buck, the Founder/Director of the Vedic Conservatory, is celebrated as an accomplished instructor's instructor in theart of Thai-Yoga Bodywork. His 2007 induction into The World Massage Festival Hall of Fame praised his more than 14 years ofcontinuous traveling and teaching, with nearly ten thousand pupils in 7 countries. He is a graduate of The Swedish Institute, The OhashiInstitute, and Thai schools ITM and Lek Chaya. He received instructor certification from The Anma Institute and The International ThaiTherapy Association (I.T.T.A.). Mukti was an ordained Vaisnava monastic from 1976-1980, and traveled incessantly opening meditationcenters and sharing lessons from the Vedic classics with thousands of people. The Vedic Conservatory Bodywork courses are repletewith his continuing devotional service, and are routinely infused with the teachings of the illustrious and auspicious Vedic culture.



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