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Victoria Brunacci

Hatha Yoga includes the practice of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which help prepare your body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation, while bringing peace to your mind and body. This class will close with savasana and a sound bath whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by crystal bowls.

Victoria Brunacci is the Director of Synergy Yoga on Miami Beach and leads Yoga Training s and retreats worldwide. Victoria was raised in the mountains of Brazil learning to understand and respect the laws of nature and Divinity.

Victoria is certified in Swami Sivananda’s Integral Yoga, and traveled extensively through India studying in Mysore the Ashtanga Vinyasa system at Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’Yoga Research Institute.


Victoria is also certified as a Reiki Master level III, Acupressure/Shiatsu and Thai Massage where she studied under master Michael Buck of the Vedic Conservatory. She is a 500 hrs yoga Alliance Certified with inspiration on the teachings on B.K S. Iyengar Therapeutic Method.She recently got certified in Universal Yoga, method from Andrey Lappa.

Today, Victoria’s teaching style enjoys influences from Universal yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Dharma Mittra & the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Victoria has her own Yoga TV Show with Intinetwork.net, a holistic Spanish channel, call ” Destinos Yoga”.

Victoria has a passion for teaching Kids Yoga and is a true Bhakti Yogi, with an intention of bringing awareness and raising consciousness on the planet, one soul at the time.

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Elio Fernandez

Have you been interested in Ashtanga Yoga but want to just dip your toes in to know the basics? In Ashtanga Inspired we explore the primary series postures in a unique, simpler and modifiable way. We keep the foundational elements of what makes up Ashtanga Yoga through turning our awareness inwards, moving through a sequence that brings flexibility and strength to the body, and keeping a strong present breath throughout the entirety of class.

Elio fell in love with Yoga in the year 2000. He began practicing Bakti Yoga, light meditation and transcendental meditation. In 2001 he began to practice Hatha Yoga, Vedic Thai massage and alternative therapies in the Nirvana center. He took courses and conferences in Sida Yoga with Gurumayi Shivilasananda. In 2005 he began his Ashtanga Vinyasa practice with Michael Ganon and Marcela Palomo finishing the first and second series. He studied and practiced with Noel Condoly in Philadelphia, with Dharma Mitra in NY, Vini Yoga with Kastub Desikachar, Karma Yoga with Bob Losof. In 2019, he completed his Hatha Vinuasa Yoga Teacher Training with Victoria Brunacci. His favorite phrase is "Always smile!" Life is an unspeakable party, even in the moments of darkness Yoga saves me.

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Patricia Pietra

Patricia discovered yoga 10 years ago while she was looking for a way to heal from an injury.

She has been practicing Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini for the past years until she decided to get certified and did her 200HR -TT in Hatha Vinyasa with Synergy Yoga Center under the guidance of Victoria Brunacci.

Patricia is also certified in Sound Healing, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She is a Reiki Master and Sound Healing Teacher as well as a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Advocate.

Patricia holds a Degree in Marketing and was working in the corporate world for more that 20 years until she become a mother of two adorable children. She decided to completely change her life and dedicate herself to the Holistic world.

Due to her love for Holistic Wellness she likes to incorporate Essential Oils, Chakras Balancing and Sound Bath therapies in her clases.

Patricia believes that trough yoga and meditation you can heal your body, mind and soul and found that following yoga principles can guide you to live a more mindful life. She loves to share her passion with others.

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Elio Fernandez

Aubrey Nadalie

Linking the movement with the Breath, the flow of the Vinyasa Yoga class will help cleanse your body, recharge your mind and provide you with more vitality and strength. Focus on alignment will help you experience a dynamic moving meditation during the practice. All levels are welcome!

Aubrey Nadalie, is a certified vinyasa 500 HR RYT and flow artist. In every class she invites you to embark on a soulful journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. Together you will weave a tapestry of breath, endurance, and mindfulness to create a sacred space for growth and self-love.

Join Aubrey on the mat, where her nurturing guidance and intuitive wisdom serves as a catalyst for personal transformation, inspiring each individual to awaken their true potential. Her classes are more than just a physical practice; they are an invitation to explore the depths of love, liberation, and soulful movement.

Elevate. Nourish. Embrace. Let the dance of your soul begin, and discover the magic that unfolds when you connect with the radiant light within.

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Tiffanie Reilly

This Yin yoga practice has high reference to ancient Chinese medicine, Taoist principles and breath work techniques. Utilizing critical qī- and meridian-mapping, deep connective tissues, joints, and bone health are targeted in a slow, steady, and stationary manner. Dwelling in stillness yields a contemplative, meditative state, where awareness is drawn inward onto body sensations and a spirit of surrender is summoned. Longevity within asana poses activates dormant qī reservoirs and properly nourishes meridian pathways.

All levels welcome.

Namaste! Welcome to the teachings of yoga instructor, Tiffanie. With a focus on the spiritual aspects of the practice and specializing in Yin Yoga, Tiffanie creates a meditative atmosphere in her classes, encouraging students to tap into their inner wisdom and find peace within. She integrates elements of mindfulness, pranayama, and meditation to help students enrich a deep connection within their minds and bodies.

She believes yoga is for everyone, and strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for her students to explore their practice. She has studied yoga and received her 200hr certification here at Synergy yoga, and incorporates chakras, yoga nidra, and various influences into her teachings. While yoga is one specialty, she is also a powerful intuitive and Reiki Master with a true gift in guiding clients to stay grounded. She has special expertise in identifying and releasing energetic blocks within the body, balancing chakras, and healing in all aspects of her clients life. She is also a certified sound healer, often incorporating these techniques in to her yoga classes. She will help you relax and release energetic blockages to best assist in your healing process on and off the mat, and looks forward to meeting you in the future!

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Elise Colombini

Experience a transformative Yoga Sculpt class that combines the graceful flow of Vinyasa with the intensity of light weights and high repetitions. In this dynamic workout, you'll engage your muscles in every pose, building strength and toning your body from head to toe. Guided by a skilled instructor, you'll seamlessly transition between traditional yoga asanas and targeted weight exercises, creating a harmonious blend of mind-body connection and resistance training. With each breath, you'll challenge yourself, increasing endurance and flexibility while sculpting lean muscles. This invigorating practice is designed to leave you feeling empowered, balanced, and ready to take on the day.

Elisa discovered her passion for Yoga more than 10 years ago starting with Ashtanga Vinyasa, learning from the best teachers in Miami.

After practicing different types of Yoga, also in New York and Italy, she fell in love with Hatha Vinyasa and became a 200H RYT after attending a Teacher Training at Synergy, under the guidance of Victoria Brunacci.

Elisa’s over 20 years of a successful corporate career as Director of Sales, gave to her a real understanding of how a fast-pace and stressful environment can lead us to disconnect with our true-self and forget the importance of self-care and wellness.

For those reasons, she stepped away from the Corporate life and decided to dedicate herself full time to Yoga to deepen her learning experience and to share with her students the benefits of such an ancient practice and philosophy.

Her classes are a good combination of foundational Hatha asanas and a fluid, creative and soulful Vinyasa flow.

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Anastasia Pardon

Hatha Yoga includes the practice of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which help prepare your body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation, while bringing peace to your mind and body. This class will close with savasana and a sound bath whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by crystal bowls.

Anastasia Padrón is a creative, passion-driven light-being who discovered yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anastasia studied intensively for 20 years, throughout many professional ballet academies and learned various forms of movements, such as Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Ballroom, Hip-hop, Character, Pilates, Composition, Partnering, and Acting. After graduating at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Concentration in Ballet, Anastasia was on the path of furthering her self-healing and expanding her consciousness through holistic methods. As she grew knowledge in asanas practices like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, and Hatha Vinyasa, her love for healing movements and sacred arts aligned. As a result, she pursued a Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Synergy Yoga Center, diving deeper into the philosophies, origins of yoga, asanas, pranayamas, and an array of sound healing instruments. Anastasia continues expanding and integrating her knowledge of the sacred arts and yogi philosophies into all aspects of her life and artistic endeavors.

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Jackie Chen

Linking the movement with the Breath, the flow of the Vinyasa Yoga class will help cleanse your body, recharge your mind and provide you with more vitality and strength. Focus on alignment will help you experience a dynamic moving meditation during the practice. All levels are welcome!

Jackie is originally from Long Island, NY but has lived in the Midwest and now finds herself down south in Miami Beach! As someone who has used yoga to heal, Jackie strives to hold space for students to strengthen their relationships with their inner selves so that they can feel like their best versions as they leave class. Her classes tend to be light and fun but also rooted in a foundation of strength and stability. Outside of yoga, she works in the tech industry, so is very familiar with the hustle and bustle many students face on a day-to-day basis and brings that perspective to her teaching.

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Yana Shevchenko

Meditation is a powerful tool to connect you with your own innate goodness, wisdom and inner peace. Meditation practice brings awareness and unity to the body, mind and heart, allowing you to remember who you truly are. By creating peace and balance inside yourself we are also creating more peace and balance in the world around us. Please join me on a journey to Inner Peace.

During the class there will be meditation instructions and wisdom teachings, guided meditation, sound healing and a community conversation with Q&A.

All levels are welcome.


Yana has been drawn to holistic and spiritual dimensions of life from a young age. She began practicing meditation at the age of 4 and yoga in high school.

She enjoys practicing Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga. Yana focuses on the unity of body, mind and spirit. She studied yoga in Ukraine at the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga, in Boston with David Vendetti and in Miami at Synergy Yoga with Victoria Brunacci. She completed her 200 HR Teacher Training with Synergy under the tutelage of Victoria Brunacci.Yana holds a B. A. degree in Psychology from Boston University.

Yana is also certified as a Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Personal Trainer, Sound Healer.

She is a holistic health and wellness advocate focusing on optimizing health, energy and longevity.

Yana is passionate about teaching yoga to promote healthy and fulfilled lives. Her vision is to share yoga with everyone to empower your life, heal your body, open your creativity, elevate your mind and unleash your fullest potential.

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Nika Gavrilovic

Prenatal Yoga is a safe and gentle class for women to attend throughout their pregnancy. Women will learn specific yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques designed to relieve the physical and emotional discomforts that occur during pregnancy, and to prepare them, body, mind, and spirit, to give birth. Prenatal Yoga will benefit you through all stages of your pregnancy. The class will close with a beautiful sound bath to help you relax and let go.

Nika, a Croatian-born yoga teacher, embodies a beautiful blend of kindness, knowledge, and creativity. With a heart as vast as her worldly experiences—from Brazil to Hawaii and now Miami—she seamlessly bridges cultures and languages, speaking Croatian, Portuguese, and English fluently. As a Reiki master and sound healer, she passionately advocates for holistic wellness, believing in the transformative power of yoga, sound, and nature. When she's not guiding her students through transformative yoga sessions, Nika can be found immersed in the wonders of nature, diving in the ocean, or unleashing her creativity through art. With a 200-hour yoga certification, Nika is on a mission to spread love and make the world a more beautiful place, one mindful action at a time.

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Carmen Anahatayogi

Carmen aka Anahatayogi is a Certified Sound healer facilitator, yoga instructor, and crystal healer.

She holds many certifications, including a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and business.

Carmen believes that the world needs who YOU are.

After decades of losing herself in all life’s should’s and expectations, Carmen reconnected to her personal truth, and tossed the societal script- transforming her life.

Now, she guides others to be all of who they came here to be and to make their impact in the world.

Clients working with Carmen discover a deeper sense of connection, clarity of personal purpose, confidence in self-expression and the courage to take the steps to create the life and business they truly desire.

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Erika Zappia

Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. With the use of playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises, and imaginative relaxation techniques, this class is open to teach children between the ages of 6 to 9 years old. It includes music, crafts, picture books, puppets and other age-appropriate props that will spark the child’s inner yogi while enhancing language development, motor coordination and playful skills. This class offers a balance between poses that are active and inactive. Please consult us for other ages or private coahing or semi-groups.

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Sofia Gaia

Medicine woman, sound therapist, healer, dancer, and channeler. She has studied with many elders, gurus and masters from the Vedic culture and the Mayan Cosmosvision the art of natural healing, sound vibration, the power of prayer, hands on healing, and connection to higher states of consciousness through plant and sacred medicine.

Her mission is to evolve and to empower herself and humanity in the journey back to the heart, reconnecting with Mother Earth and with the Divinity within.

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Carmen Alicia Matta

Carmen Matta Parra’s has unwavering dedication to serving others and eliminating their suffering. Through years of dedication to her craft, Carmen has earned an impressive array of certifications and trainings that have made her a true master in the healing arts.

Carmen has over 1000 hours of certifications in many healing arts.

Vinyasa Yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, and her unique blend of body and energy work in massage, has the power to truly transform pain. Her massages address physical, energetic, and spiritual suffering, leaving her clients feeling transformed and renewed.

But Carmen's healing talents go beyond massage. She is an Advanced Tai Chi Instructor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and holds certifications in Akashic Records, Bach Flowers Radiesthesia Pendulum, Reiki Master, Arcangel Master of the 7 Rays, Sacred Geometry, Archangel Metatron, crystal work, Marma Therapy, stress management, and Pranayama breath work. Her expertise in these areas highlights her passion for the healing arts.

Carmen's loves Kundalini yoga and early morning practice. She leads early morning group Aquarian Sadhana and has maintained an early morning sadhana practice for over 10 years, including three years straight.

Carmen completed a one-week training in 2001 for connecting to the goddess and sacred sexuality. Through this course, she deepened her understanding of the divine feminine and the spiritual aspects of sexuality.

Carmen is currently undergoing a yoga training with the revered guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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Sri Suresh

Suresh found yoga as a calling after coaching sports and doing music for over 25 years. Yoga was the catalyst for bringing everything positive in my life. It gave me the discipline and strength to leave all my negative habits and emotions in the past. A proud vegan and devotee to Swami Jyotirmayananda who instilled in me the spiritual side of Yoga and someone to model myself after. After gaining RYT 200 certification in Hatha/Vinyasa under Synergy Yoga owner Victoria Brunacci. I found the best way to give back to my community in a truly positive way, was through teaching yoga and sharing my knowledge and experiences. It changed my life for the better so i know it can change yours.

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Mariela Carrodeguas

This class is good for all levels and will be a combination of Meditation, Mantra, Kriyas and Pranayama that when practiced raises the kundalini energy within the individual. This raised energy is a divine union of the individual with the infinite universal consciousness, this results in recognizing, understanding and expanding one’s awareness.

Kundalini Yoga helps one live in their full potential by having a clearer thought process, the ability to listen clearly, the inner strength and stillness to endure and overcome the challenges of life, a heightened intuitive sense and a deeper understanding through compassion.

This is a short class on breathing exercises to release stress, fear and anxiety.

Mariela is a caring, inspiring and down to earth teacher thats makes the powerful and healing teachings of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yoga accessible for all students. Graduated from International Kundalini Yoga Research Institute she is excited to share healing with all.

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Felipe Munevar

Hatha Yoga includes the practice of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which help prepare your body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation, while bringing peace to your mind and body. This class will close with savasana and a sound bath whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by crystal bowls.

Born and raised in Colombia, Dominican Republic and Belgium, Felipe’s yoga path began in Haiti 6 years ago, where he discovered the profound physical and spiritual benefits of the practice, culminating with a 200hr RYT Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher certification from Synergy, under the guidance of Victoria Brunacci.

Felipe’s twenty-year career in International Development, working in challenging environments, has given him a real understanding of how yoga can help us thrive both individually and at work, cope with increasing daily stresses, and unlock a path of purpose and self-healing for happier, healthier, and more balanced lives.

In 2022 Felipe stepped away from the corporate track to spend more time with his wife and son and share with others the magic of yoga passed down generations for thousands of years.

During his class, Felipe builds trusting relationships with each student, and seeks to balance the physical body work of asanas with deeper guided breath work and meditations, working around energy centers, while using aromatherapy and essential oils to enhance the spiritual connection.

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