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Shamanic Peru Plant Medicine Retreat- November 14-18, 2024

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Shamanic Sacred Valley
November 14-18
Join us to experience the wisdom of the Incas and their magical connection with
Sit with an Authentic Shaman, with an original Inca Grandpa and experience different Medicinal Plants, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Sananga, Kambo, and Tabacco Cleanse.
Only for exclusive individuals that agree in pre-consultation to prepare accordingly.

Includes everything besides the Airfare

With special Participation of:

Carmen Santillán 
Carmen has been working with Ayahuasca for more than 18 years. Following the path of
the original shamans, Carmen was called to drink ayahuasca alone in the jungle many, many times.
How many modern shamans learn from other shamans
and of her tribe?
Carmen does not belong to nor did she learn from a specific tradition. Instead,
She learned about medicine. She often says: "plants are my teachers." This is the way the original shamans learned, and there's something about the way Carmen runs the ceremony that reveals her unique style and icaros, which seem so pure and innate to
her personal connection to medicine. It is not tainted by any lineage, but they arise solely from her presence in the moment as if she were in constant
conversation with the plants themselves.
As a mother of five children, Carmen embodies the
Feminine Divinity with style and grace. She offers ceremonies only to those who come
to her, without public advertising, and those who know her are forever loyal to her teachings from her.
Some beautiful words from Carmen:
“I have faith in this path with the Ancestral Medicines that teach us about Love…
and the reality of life functions and systems. They allow us to remove the veils of illusion,
loneliness, sadness, abandonment, trauma, etc. ..to see Who We Really Are and Why
we are in this world. When we have this understanding, we want to do good and be
good, since we understand the word Unity from a new perspective.


Nyrah is a Musician & Holistic Therapist that has studied and immersed with many different branches of transformational work related to vocal expression and general trauma healing: Kundalini Bodywork Advanced L1 & L2 facilitator and assistant trainer, Pranapat, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tantric & Taoist Bodywork, Meditation, Kundalini Shakti, Holistic Voice Work & more) and has 20+ of experience as a singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. Her work also deeply incorporates shamanic influences, the elements of the earth and sound healing. 

As a shamanic  singer-songwriter, producer and holistic arts facilitator of many areas, Nyrah is  fueled by her vision of expanding music and energetics  as a gateway to the hidden worlds of the soul.  She is a Brazilian-born artist, who’s musical style is influenced by shamanism, the elements of nature and the healing songs of the forest to bring those who listen to a state of love and oneness, touching upon deep places of the soul. Weaving a gamut of elements both ethereal and powerful, Nyrah combines Native American Flutes, Shamanic leafs, rattles, drums, strings, organic sounds, vocals and more in her music creations. Nyrah is currently based in the USA and often travels to share her work with music, holistic arts, VOCAL Awakening & Kundalini Workshops,  in several places of the globe in retreats, workshops and immersions.  

Nyrah has offered her transformational work as both therapist and musician throughout Mexico, USA, Peru, the Caribbean, Brazil, Spain & The Netherlands and hopes to continue to spread her love for music, vocal work and creative energy activations throughout more countries in 2024. 


She will be Sharing:



by Nyrah Soul 

Your voice is your medicine. 

Are you ready to tap into it? 

A reclamation of the voice as a tool for authentic expression, creativity & emotional release through the power of sound & energetics…

Join  Singer-Songwriter and Holistic Therapist Nyrah Soul for  THE VOICE MEDICINE workshop experience to expand your connection with the multidimensional layers of your voice. 

Specific practices given will depend on the Group’s intention, which may or may not include: 

  • Introduction on the principles of sound, voice, energetics, and creative embodiment 
  • Energy circulation practice to increase somatic awareness & awaken connection between voice, heart and sacral (creative) center 
  • Emotional-release exercises  to support in releasing blockages associated  to the vocal expression and trauma transformation 
  • Breathing fundamentals to access your sound 
  • Finding your ancestors song meditation, harmonizing experience and interactive  song circle 
  • Kundalini Activation (based on Kundalini Bodywork L2 / Elliott Saxby Method) 

Duration: Approx. 2:30h, depending on the groups size. Includes integration time.

Web: www.nyrahsoul.com

Integration and Preparation by Victoria Brunacci-
you will receive email with instructions once sign up-
Full Early  Price : $1100- 
 before August 14- After $1300
Deposit :$500
Single Room extra : $200
Includes Plant Medicine, lodging , a few meals, and one transportation for all in and out of Cusco. 


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