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Pressing On Pandemic Stress Points With Ayurvedic Acupuncture In Miami Beach

Posted by Victoria Brunacci on

You must be tired of reading blogs, articles, and posts on the pandemic. However, it’s there for pretty valid reasons. Apart from the coronavirus disease, the novel COVID-19 global outbreak had a penetrative and long-term impact on our lives. From job layoffs, a staggering economy, closed businesses to skyrocketing healthcare costs and social and economic fragility, violence, and conflicts, indeed, we stepped into a new dawn of an era. 2020 introduced many new concepts into our lives, including social distancing, face masks, work-from-home culture, and nationwide lockdowns. This sudden and rather unwelcoming transformation has given rise to a pandemic funk and brain fog. This is one reason why more and more people are turning to the ancient technique of Ayurveda- Acupuncture in Miami beach to attain stress relief and alleviate pain.


As we enter the end of the first week of July 2021, the last 18 months of the global pandemic have been overwhelming, anxiety-stricken, and an emotional roller-coaster ride for every global citizen. From losing jobs to some of our near-and-dear friends and family, this pandemic has brought loss in different forms for many. The prolonged state of fear, anxiety, and stress has led to highly active thinking, triggering stress points and leading to a rise in depression, more substance abuse, poor fitness levels, insomnia, and more.

If you have been feeling a little out of focus, have trouble processing thoughts, and are overall exhausted, you aren’t alone. COVID-19 has been an emotional and mental cancer for all of us.

Considering the magnitude and seriousness of the current situation, the age-old healing practice of Ayurveda, more precisely, acupuncture, has surfaced as an effective preventive measure to alleviate stress and depression.

The alternation form of medicine dealing with traditional Chinese healing practice is effective against many mental and physical ill-effects, including:

The action of needling tends to release hormones, including endorphins and other pain-blocking proteins that the body naturally produces during sex and exercise. Another Harvard study revealed that it also lowers the cytokine levels responsible for inflammation and swelling. Acupuncture is a great way to release tensions and knots from bodies that we tend to hold up in our daily regime due to bad posture, work stress, prolonged desk hours, an old injury, among others. Another Oxford study went in support of this ancient healing practice to be used as an effective COVID-19 stress relief tool.

Our bodies are much beyond than explained by high school science textbooks and academic papers. Acupuncture instills a balance in the flow of Qi (which has no English translation for), a term coined by the Chinese referring to the lifeforce responsible for basically an individual’s existence. With the absence of going for outdoor meets and excursions that act as a buffer between stress and relaxation for at least a while (due to uneven vaccination rates), booking a private acupuncture session in Miami Beach is a more sensible alternative.

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