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Everything You Need To Know Before Joining Prenatal Yoga Classes

Posted by Victoria Brunacci on

Prenatal yoga is one of the best ways to boost your overall well-being during pregnancy. The deep breathing, the poses, and the relaxation techniques nurture an expecting mother, physically as well as emotionally. More importantly, it provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with the baby. So, if you are with a child, we at Synergy South Beach prenatal yoga welcome you!  

Prenatal yoga, also referred to as pregnancy yoga, takes into account various emotional and physiological changes a mom-to-be experiences. Come, join us for prenatal yoga in Miami! Before you sign up, read the following points. We talk about how to approach prenatal yoga for deriving maximum benefits. 

  1. Memorize the golden rules of prenatal yoga- Do not overstretch, compress, or strain your abdomen. These are the golden words that you should live by while practicing prenatal yoga. Avoid postures that activate your abdomen like deep backbends and Navasana, closed twists, and prone postures on your stomach. We also advise you to avoid inversions like headstand, if you are not an experienced yogi. 
  2. Yoga in first trimester- First trimester is your pregnancy’s most delicate phase because during this time the fetus attaches to your uterus wall and placenta formation takes place. We recommend only gentle practice. Your internal body works hard during first trimester, so, relaxing poses like Nidra Yoga will be good for you. Do consult your doctor before joining a prenatal yoga class during trimester 1. 
  3. Avoid postures lying on the back if you have to- Although it isn’t a widely popular phenomenon, but some women may feel dizzy or nauseated when they lie on their backs during pregnancy. The reason may be the fact that the posture potentially compresses vena cava, a large vein, that carries deoxygenated blood to the heart. If you experience the same, avoid supine postures. Enjoy savasana lying on your left side. Use cushions or blankets for enhancing comfort. 
  4. Be gentle on yourself- Always know when to stop. Don’t try to push your limits. Your body needs ample amount of rest and relaxation. Don’t deprive yourself of that. After all, the aim here is to nurture your body and mind while connecting with the new life growing inside you! Focus on this rather than trying to master your yoga practice. In our classes for prenatal yoga in Miami, we teach expecting moms to surrender to a supportive and restful practice. 
  5. Focus on your breath- Yoga connects you with your breath. Your breath will be an incredible tool at your disposal during labor. Exhale is the relaxing breath; it calms your mind and reduces the sensations of contractions. Work with your breath to gain a consciousness that may empower you to stay fully present and experience the entire process of childbirth.    

Final words 

Pregnancy is a time when you feel fairly intuitive. Follow your heart! Do what your mind tells is right for you, including yoga practice. If you feel a posture isn’t right for you, it probably isn’t. Give yourself permission to walk away from something that feels wrong for your body. 

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