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Yoga and Mindfulness for Complex Trauma- August 28 and 29th 1-5pm

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Yoga and Mindfulness for Complex Trauma
Facilitator Training with Lawrence Huff

Learn to teach restorative mind-body disciplines to those suffering from trauma or confronting it in their lives.
Simple mindful movement and meditation is highly appreciated by prisoners, addicts, mental patients, the handicapped, the elderly, as well as officers,
first responders and others. 
Everyone are used to improve emotional health, release accumulate stress and help them make positive changes.
1-)The Value of Selfless Service
2-)Complex Trauma
3-)Human Nervous System How to recover and build resilience.
-Meditations and Relaxation
-How to guide and teach 5simple methods.
-Movement with Breathing
-Simple asanas, ChiGong, supported yoga, Isometrics and isotonics.
- 10 yamas and niyamas,
-karma and dharma,
-psycho-physiology of yoga,
-higher states of consciousness.
-Self-Care Practices :Self-massage, Diet, Life-Style, Affirmations, etc.
-Group Dynamics
-The Question Circle,
-Listening Exercise,
-Mindfulness Walking, etc.
-Sharing and Literature “Home”Routine Yoga and Meditation, -Service, Interpersonal Practices.
a-)Arrival: set-up ,socializing, reviewing home-practice.
b-)The Basics: Centering ,Exercise, Meditation, Teaching, Group Dynamics.
C-)Closing: Om Shanti, Grab-a-book, Coffee or Prasad,
1-)Teaching for Specific Groups
2-)Sounds and Music,
3-)Nature sounds, Chanting, Songs
4-)A Safe Environment for All
5-)Guidance for Reentry
6-)Courses, Homework, Certificates,
7-)Grooming Leaders“ Each one teaches one”
8-)Dealing with Authorities

Yoga And Mindfulness Outreach
a nonprofit, charitable organization
( only if you attend both days)


PRACTICE: Basic Stretch and Relax
DYNAMIC: Communication Circle
Value of Selfless Service
Complex Trauma
PRACTICE: Restorative Exercise and Meditation 1
DYNAMIC: Empathy Circle
Recovery and Building Resilience
PRACTICE: Disabled Exercise and Meditation 2
DYNAMIC: Appreciation
Classes in Institutions
PRACTICE: Exercise Alternatives and Meditation 3
Teachings: Yoga Sutras, Creating a Routine, Literature, Sounds, Sharing with others


Lawrence Huff started classes the jails and prisons of South Florida and Central America, as well as in shelters for trafficked girls and abused women, centers for the disabled, for psychiatric patients and for addictions, programs for at risk youth, hospitals and in schools for the past 45 years.
He has taught numerous Facilitator Workshops, mostly in Spanish.
He has certificates in Transcendental Meditation, Path of Freedom (mindfulness for prisoners), Kripalu Yoga, Jin Shin. He lives in Miami with my wife and
I am a teacher for MDPS.
$254- one week in Advance


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