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Thai Massage Wonders + Foot Reflexology | March 16-17th

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Thai Massage wonders
March 16-1-7pm

Thai massage is a healing and energetic therapy that consists of: rhythmic stretching,acupressure, body rocking movements, and assisted yoga postures. It covers the whole body,from head to foot. It supports the improvement of the immune system, lymphatic and circulatory system, stimulates the mobilization of toxins, and relieves stresses. It provides a feeling of peace and well-being in body, mind and spirit. It is a trans formative experience. This practice reveals deeply the way in which we move, interact, communicate and especially, how we touch people.

In this intensive workshop we will explore the principles of Thai massage. We will put them into practice as we make contact with others. We are going to move and grow from the stillness, the
feeling, the flow and the manifestation of our co-creation with another body, the earth and the spirit, in a series of exercises and guided sequences.

Participants will have the opportunity to refine the techniques, explore new variants, and
practice moving in harmony with gravity and the biomechanics of the body.
We will cover the legs, torso, arms, shoulders, head and neck. Get ready to leave the room refreshed, light and
All levels welcome / you do not need to bring a partner
Learning Objectives:
1. Apply a basic 1 hour Thai massage sequence focused your hand placement and posture.
2. Execute the transitions in the supine positions, and sideways.
3. Perform palming movements using your hands safely and correctly.
4. Identify the precautions in Thai massage.
5. Use cushions or pillows to support the head, knees and feet when necessary.
6. Perform Thai massage techniques with the hands, transfering bodyweight and keeping a safe body mechanic for both the client and the therapist

Course Outline:
Day 1 - 6 hrs
1.1 Introduction & History -30 min
1.2 Warm up movement + Body Positions for the therapist -60 min
1.3 Thai Massage Fundamental Principles + Contraindications- 30 min
1.4 Supine Level 2 - Harmonics + Palming - 60 min
1.5 Side Line 1+ 2 - Hips & Shoulder work- 60 min
1.6 Perform Guided Sequence Together - 120 min

March 17 -1-5pm
Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the practice that uses maps or reflex zones of the feet, hands and other areas to stimulate the body's organs.
These reflex zones function as electricity terminals, in which each organ of the body is detected and therefore, can be treated.
Under the manipulation of these zones, the stagnant energy that can be lodged in the body is unblocked, just like when we touch the meridians (Chinese medicine) or "zen lines" (Thai massage).
In this workshop we will learn the to identify the reflex points of our organs in our feet, and its fundamental functions. We will perform a 60 min session in therapeutic order, followed by feedback.

Learning Objectives:
1. Apply a basic 60 hour Foot Reflexology session on an therapeutic order.
2. To learn to use the tool as an alternative to your fingers.
3. Identify the reflex points of the internal organs of the body on the sole of the feet.
4. Identify the points to avoid in pregnancy.
5. Use of lotion and aromatherapy.
6. Perform the towel wrap after each foot.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will demonstrate the ability to identify the reflex points of the internal organs of our body and name the main functions of it. They will be able to give 60 min session with in a therapeutic order. They will learn to maintain a safe body position.

Course Outline:
Day 1 - 4 hrs
1.1 Preparation, Lotion, Aromatherapy, Higene 30 min
1.2 Reflex points of our body + contraindications 60 min
1.3 Perform the 60 min sequence. 120 min

Thai Massage Wonders $150,early bird( 2 weeks prior)
$199 Full Price.

Foot Reflexology $95 early bird ( 2 weeks prior)


Both courses have CEU's for Lmt's in US!!!
Great for massage therapists and anyone that must renew a license.

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