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Budokon Workshop | First Saturday of the Month

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In this 2 hour workshop Charly Om will introduce us to the specifics and fun transitions and animal moves of this fun and mindful Yoga style that synchronizes classical yoga with martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion.

Constant circular and undulating movement inspired in nature, interconnects all postures without ever breaking fluidity and continuity, embodying the concept of constant change, preparing us for the unexpectedly changing scenarios we face in either martial arts, or the daily struggle of simply staying alive.


Attention to detail and extremely slow, controlled motion, reflect the philosophical concept of "The way you do anything, is the way you do everything", encouraging in the practitioner as much focus in introspection as in achieving the external aspects of the practice.

Carlos (Charly) Diaz is an Experienced Yoga Teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200) and Yoga Continuous Education Provider (YACEP), as well as a renowned and accomplished Yogi certified in many styles and techniques.
His Yogic path started in his teens mostly through philosophy and meditation, overtime evolving into physical asana discipline through Hatha, Ashtanga, and later into novelty and advanced asana-based styles like Bikram, Budokon Yoga, Acroyoga, SUP Yoga to name the most popular, as well as advanced Yoga and personal development systems like Skanda Yoga and Universal Yoga. Currently he holds certifications in Hatha, Budokon, Skanda and Acroyoga, and specializes in Biomechanics of Inversion and Arm Balances, Applied Anatomy, Animal Movement and Acroyoga, offering workshops at various studios nationally and internationally.
In parallel he pursued a long, successful career in International Sales, and being an owner of the renowned Trio Yoga Studio in Miami for several years. It was at Trio where his wife and lifetime companion Andrea Favelli (E-RYT & YACEP) founded the Vimana School of Aerial Yoga.
He currently resides in Miami and teaches few regular clases, focusing in Workshops and Master Classes at prestigious studios in Miami and internationally as a traveling Teacher. In addition, he provides Vimana Aerial Yoga and Business of Yoga consulting services in Florida and other states.
(Carlos is also known as Charly Om, and Hanumonkey)
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