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Universal Mandala Yoga (2nd Level) Saturday, Nov 9th 3pm

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Universal Mandala Yoga (Sama Vrtti Vyanayama) static-dynamic sequence, 2nd level. 

Universal Yoga Mandala

This class follows the tradition developed by Andrey Lappa, which weaves modern western science and ancient eastern wisdom together. Universal Yoga combines the practice of vinyasa with pranayama, visualisation, mantra, mudra and meditation. These elements are carefully sequenced in a symmetrical, progressive and multi-directional manner, making students feel a strong sense of balance and serenity at the end of each class. The arrangement of the mats in this class is cross-shaped, which is necessary for the multidirectional sequencing.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. Students must have attended Universal Yoga classes on a consistent basis and have the necessary body stability and awareness to take on more challenging sequences. Classes are taught with modifications to allow all students to experience the practice at their own level. Full inversions may be included in these classes.

who is Galka Yoga:

My name is Iryna. I started to teach yoga 15 years ago. 11 years of these years belong to Universal Yoga. I started to practice yoga around 20 years ago. After my first visiting practice with Guru Andrey Lappa at his studio "Ideal" in Kiev in 2006, yoga started to be the Guide of my life. Many of my students teach yoga now. I am the a creator of my own programs of Mandala yoga, such as "Chacras opening", "Mandala of Wishes", " Energy accumulation", " Achievement of emptiness state", etc, which are Universal Yoga based. It's my pleasure to share my experience with everyone, who is on enlightenment way. Namaste.

Class is $25 in advance and $30 the day off.

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