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A Spiritual Workout Experience: Somatic Activated Healing Method--October 6 2023

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A Spiritual Workout Experience 
Somatic Activated Healing Method
Friday 7 PM to 8:30 PM
October 6th 
For the first part of the class (60') we'll focus on the Somatic Activated Healing Method. This method was created by Sah D'Simone and it includes the modalities of ecstatic dance, breathwork, mantra and meditation in order to promote somatic release of emotions and trauma stuck in the body. No class is the same. Each class has a different focus since there is a different move and mantra for each emotion. 
Investment is $35 per class.
This is how it actually works:

● The somatic moves and ecstatic dance help tap into the emotional baggage and process feelings with intention. For example, releasing anger, sadness, grief, etc.

● The breathwork brings you back into your body, roots you in the present, and gives you the energy and inspiration to do the work.

● The meditations give you the concentration to be in your body, improve your relationship with your mind, and engage with your feelings — not the stories attached, which often amplify the symptoms.

● The affirmations help you reinforce a powerful new inner vocabulary and mindset.

Some of the benefits of the SAH Method are:
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Reduced physical pain and lethargy
  • Increased sense of resilience
  • Increased inspiration
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved energy
  • Increased joy
The last thirty minutes of the class will be dedicated to cooling down with a collective Reiki ceremony.
To learn more about Ludovica's work, click here.
Facilitator Bio:

Ludovica is all about connecting the dots between the body, the mind, and the environment. In her early career she worked as a journalist covering the Arts and Climate Change. She later pivoted to working as a researcher on environmental justice. By going through life challenges while witnessing the impact of climate change on the mental health of populations, she developed a passion for the healing arts, especially the connection between movement and energy work.

Today she practices Reiki (distant and in-person), teaches conscious fitness, mindfulness (breathwork and meditation) through her own app and is certified as a Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) Method Movement Healer. This one is a practice combining movement and energy healing through dance, breath work, mantra and dynamic meditation.

She also still consults with organizations on sustainability practices and mindfulness. Ludovica offers her services to not only individuals but also to organizations that want to implement mindfulness in their workspace to improve the overall wellness of their employees as well as improving their performance.


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